Wayne Tayco

Iso-Air Web & Branding


Web Design

3D Interaction Design

Art Direction

Iso-Air is an Australia-based company that focuses on developing and distributing industrial products such as lightweight concrete bricks, lightweight concrete mixtures, and liquified natural gas.


3D Preview

  • The client challenged us to create an interactive showcase of their main product to stand out among their competitors since they were fairly new way back in 2015. After extensive research, we discovered Sketchfab and its amazing web 3D features, which are exactly what we're looking for.

Using this third-party technology, we were able to integrate the virtual preview feature in our web project with fewer technicalities on our development side. We just need to create a 3D model of the product, texture it, and upload it to the platform.

You may visit the actual 3D brick preview using this link.